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At Supreme Success, we empower students to maximise their potential by helping them overcome their greatest obstacle – their mind

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About Regina

Regina, founder of Supreme Success, strives to empower students to optimise their potential by helping them overcome the mental obstacles limiting their success. 

Regina holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology and is currently completing a Masters in Organisational Psychology at University College Cork. Regina, thus, understands and resonates with the struggles experienced by students such as procrastination, stress, poor self-discipline and limiting beliefs.

Regina was determined to uncover why motivated, ambitious students like herself were sabotaging their success. This curiosity led Regina to dive deep into the psychological literature where she discovered the secret to student success – psychological skills.

Psychological skills are tools for the mind which can be taught and practiced to enhance performance and foster success.

Research conducted by world-renowned psychologist Carol Dweck revealed psychological skills are critical for maximising academic performance as they enable students to overcome the mental obstacles that would otherwise deviate them from success.

Despite the importance of this skill-set, students do not receive psychological skills training during their education.

This revelation inspired Regina to set up Supreme Success – the only service available to students who want to programme their minds for real-life success.

Supreme Success Services
1:1 Student Success Coaching

This is for students who feel they are lacking clarity and control over their future. This will set you up for success as you establish clear goals and focus moving forward. Regina supports you on your journey to success with a unique approach that is grounded in the latest psychology, behavioural neuroscience and coaching methodologies

Group Workshops

Set your Students up for Success with the Supreme Success Series – the catalyst required to maximise student success. Suitable for TY students and above (5th and 6th years). 

Supreme Success Series

Clarity & Control

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Build a Healthy Brain

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Master your Mind

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The Supreme Success Series is guaranteed to

Enhance Academic






Enhance Mental

Empower Students to become
their ‘Supreme-Selves’


Professor Richard Roche Deputy Head of Psychology Department
(Maynooth University)

Supreme Success represents a new approach to student learning which is tailored specifically for students, based on our current knowledge and understanding of how learning works in the brain. Regina has translated these principles and insights into an accessible, engaging and example-driven package which is strongly evidence-based. Supreme Success shows students effective ways to learn by explaining how learning works at the neural level

Michael Mulligan Director & Founder of Go1Better -
Performance & Leadership | Executive Coaching

Regina was a student of the Coaching Skills module in UCC. Regina has a natural ability to help students clarify their goals, identify and overcome obstacles, and set out practical steps and actions to achieve them. Regina finds the right balance between supporting and challenging others to get the best from themselves

Soraya Shaw Applied Organisational Neuroscientist

This is a comprehensive and impressive programme designed to enhancing the performance of students. Not only does it demonstrate techniques that you will be able to draw in any learning experience, but it also contains valuable insights into how your brain works and how you can optimise potential. Soraya Shaw, Applied Organisational Neuroscientist

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